Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Max and Molly Films

When we first laid our eyes on this couple's wedding in the summer of last year we fell instant to their unique style and lovely love. Now we are smitten once again with their film company, 
Max and Molly Films. If you want to have a fun and gorgeous capture of your day + have some great company, then be sure to contact Max and Molly about filming your big day! 

What made you decide to start filming weddings?
A friend of ours (Anjuli Paschall from asked us to make a short video for her photography website to help introduce herself (and her family) to her potential clients. We both had a little bit of experience with videography but nothing like this, which she knew, but she believed in us and encouraged us to do it anyway. So we did and she loved it! Then a couple months later, one of her brides was looking for a videographer and she recommended us. It was a little intense shooting our first wedding at the famous Parker Hotel in Palm Springs, but we were confident and the video was a success. We've been shooting weddings ever since. 

What is your advice for keeping the focus of a wedding on the couple?

 Our goal is to be as invisible as possible on the wedding day. That is sometimes hard when you want to get certain shots but we try our best to stay out of the way so we don't distract from the couple. We also try to shadow the photographer most of the day so the couple only has one person telling them what to do or how to pose. We find we can get most of the shots we want that way anyway and then the couple isn't stressed out by having a ton of people directing them.

Your videos inspire us! What inspires you?  

 Creating. We both love art and any chance we get to create, we take it. Visual arts and music are a huge part of both of our lives. I (Molly) was a full time musician when Max and I met and have been singing/playing most of my life and Max has always been inspired by music (definitely one of the things that attracted us to each other). So the face that creating wedding films is our job is amazing and we especially love it when we get to choose the songs that we create those films to (added bonus!).

Pictures {via} Max and Molly Films and Once Wed 

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